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Facility Tier II Online Chemical Inventory Reporting


Tier II Online reporting allows facilities across the country or in your State, Region, or Local area to easily report chemical inventory. Our customized submission software can be setup for Nationwide Corporate, Statewide, County, LEPC, Fire, and other levels of access.

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Tier2 Chemical Inventory Reporting

EPCRA Tier II Reporting Online

Tier II Online reporting is a service from JADA Productions allowing facilities to easily report chemical inventory to your State or region via an easy-to-use, website application.

If you are a corporation with facilities that need to report in multiple States or Nationwide, we can provide a custom solution so each staff member/facility is reporting through the same easy to use cloud-based software with one database. And with one overall admin access, seeing who has filed, if they comply, and in-depth reporting makes management a snap.

If you are a State that would like to setup customized Tier II Reporting for all facilities in your State, with excellent reporting tools and multiple levels of access, we can help. We'll even migrate any existing Tier II data you have into our database so none of the reporting history is lost and facilities will be able to pull up their information from last year very easily.

You provide us the specifications and we'll setup a custom online solution for you. We can even import your existing Tier 2 database so companies can quickly pull up their existing data.

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Tier 2 Online Chemical Inventory Reporting

Over 16,000 facilities in Kansas have reported using our website application successfully since 2003.

See how the State of Kansas is using Tier II Online.